Meet Steve


Steve has been volunteering with the Family Retreat in Foster for about 12 years. Initially assisting Retreat founder Ross Pressgrave OAM with fundraising, but for the past 10 years Steve has taken up the role as Captain of the Retreats “SS Cooper”, a 4-metre boat donated and serviced by Barclay Marine in Forster.

“With the help of my friend and volunteer Captian Bobby, we have taken around 1,500 people who have been staying at the Family Retreat on a tour our waterways in Forster’s Wallis Lake.”

Steve who also is a NSW ambulance Intensive Care Paramedic still makes time for volunteering and finds it to be “very rewarding and at times levelling” keeping him grounded and appreciative of his own life.

“The families I have met have been so positive and grateful despite the difficult circumstances they are in.”

In 2017 Steve was named as a finalist in the 2017 Rotary NSW Emergency Service Community Awards and we are very grateful to have him as one of our volunteer ‘Captains’.