Garage sale for good

Garage sale for good 1.jpg

When Max and Harry decided to organise and run a Charity Garage Sale, they didn't anticipate it to be as successful as it was. 

In July 2017, the Family Room was contacted by Max and Harry’s Dad as his boys where planning a garage sale and wanted to raise some money for our charity. The boys wanted to sell off some old stuff they didn’t use anymore and make a donation to the Family Room. 

garage sale for good 2.jpg

After their full day Charity Garage Sale the boys had raised an amazing $1000. When the boy's dad Mat asked what they were going to donate the boys both agreed, without question. They wanted to donate the full amount to help others. 

Max and Harry then took some time before school to come and visit the Family Room for a tour.  Seeing what they have helped provide for families and knowing they had made a really positive difference, helping lots of other people in need