Thank you Club Taree

Le Tour chq preso 2019.jpg

In its fifth year, le Tour de Taree brings together Club Taree’s team, their Members and the broader community cycling on spin bikes in the club and community aiming to mirror the le Tour de France’s distance of 3,460km and over 23 days.

Total distance ridden Map.jpg

This year was exceptional producing amazing results with everyone involved truly embracing the spirt of le Tour de Taree. By day six of the 23 day ride, the team had matched the distance of le Tour de France, showing their commitment and passion for helping local and regional families who need the support of RMHC Northern NSW and its programs when they have a sick or injured child.

“The team immediately committed to keep riding, with the thought that maybe, just maybe the team could circumnavigate Australia in the 23 days” Brand and Communication Manager Paul said.

This year 44 team members covered 10,218km in 355 hours and 11 minutes across 23 days raising $41,0615.33. This takes the total amount raise by le Tour de Taree over the last five years to $138,208.68 which is equal to 1,024 nights accommodation for families.

We also want to say a big thanks to Club Taree’s team, #TeamAwesome, with a special mention to Kye who won the le Tour de Taree cycling an amazing 1,553km over the 23 days.