Meet Judi & Lyn

Judi and lyn.jpg

Judi and Lyn have been volunteering every second week in the Ronald McDonald Family Room in Gosford since it opened in 2013 and they can’t get enough of it. Helping not only in the Family Room, but at community events as well.  They are both super excited to soon be also volunteering in the new NICU Family Room in the John Hunter Hospital.

‘We enjoy going to Gosford Family Room as it is a way of being helpful, without intruding on the parents, family and friends. It still surprises me that by just being there how parents and grandparents want to just talk.  I feel it's a privilege that they want to talk to you just to get a lot off their chest. I know we don't get too involved with parents but I still think of the families I meet.’

Lyn believes that families benefit greatly from being able to have a bite to eat, drink and relax in the Family Room.  She has been told frequently what a wonderful surprise the area is.

Lyn also enjoy being involved with other volunteering activities, like fundraising in the community, when they have the time, And she has made some wonderful friends.