Meet Jillian & Emilie

Jillian & Emilie.jpg

Jillian and Emilie bring so much joy and fun to the Room when they Volunteer. They  joined our team this year and are are both working or studying full time. Each month they make it a priority to come and be in the Ronald McDonald Family Room to help others.

They love volunteering in the Family Room and Emilie says "it's an amazing and refreshing space for families to re-connect, play, relax and rejuvenate. Everyone I recommend the Family Room to really can't believe such a wonderful place exists….. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful organisation."

"A special moment was recently meeting a mother and her young son who were in hospital for a few days. This mother showed so much gratitude for the room and our work as volunteers. With her young one not feeling to well, his little face lit up when we gave him one of special hand knitted dolls for him to take to sleep next to him. Moments like these are exactly the reason why I keep coming back each week. Knowing that even a cup of tea can make a world of difference to families."

Jillian says ”I love knowing that something as little as giving up my time, can impact other families in such a beautiful way. To anyone wanting to Volunteer, I would encourage them to give it a go. I only wish I had done it sooner."