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When you have been off sick for a length of time, going back to school can be a daunting prospect. After the challenges of serious illness, it can feel like yet another hurdle to overcome before life returns to normal. In some cases, serious illness can mean children fall so far behind in their schooling that it has a serious impact on their future.

The Ronald McDonald Learning Program® helps primary and secondary students recovering from serious illness catch up with missed education. One on one tutoring helps to make the child’s journey back to school be as smooth as possible, whilst giving them a much needed boost to their confidence and self esteem. Approximately 50 children in our local area are  assisted each year by the Ronald McDonald Learning Program.

The Ronald McDonald Learning Program  is one of a range of programs  helping students and their families on the journey to recovery from serious illness. Working with John Hunter Children’s Hospital Paediatric oncology team, an Education Liaison Officer works closely with students and their families from diagnosis to ensure they continue with their learning and stay in contact with their school peers to ensure the best outcome for the child.

15% of the student population have long term health conditions that can impact their schooling. EDMED® is a free accredited professional development session for schools to assist their teaching staff to have a better understanding and put in place strategies to achieve better student outcomes.

We’re committed to helping seriously ill children and their families.