New Family Room Opening - John Hunter Children's Hospital NICU



On Monday 4 September the doors to the John Hunter Children's Hospital NICU Ronald McDonald Family Room opened for the first time. This is the second family room to open within the hospital and is a welcomed respite for many families who have a newborn baby in the neonatal unit. The new family room experienced over 200 visits in the first week, a testament to the importance and need for these spaces within the hospital setting.

"Our first grandchild has been in NICU for nearly a week and last night we had the first opportunity to see our grandchild together as a family in the new NICU Ronald McDonald Family Room. What an outstanding, relaxing and well equipped facility.

The use of the NICU Ronald McDonald Family Room yesterday evening was a welcome blessing for us all along with other families who are experiencing a longer than normal NICU stay and far worse off than us. We talked with other new parents who were at John Hunter Children's Hospital from Tamworth and this room was such a welcome facility." - Rodney Cade