Meet the Southwell family


The Southwell family have spend a great deal of their time between Tamworth and Newcastle as son, and little brother, Alex receives treatment for Bronchiolitis Obliterans, which has left him with just 30 per cent lung capacity.

The family thought they were going for one appointment, but ended up staying for 3 weeks.  So when they arrived at Ronald McDonald House they had just one pair of clothes. 

It was one of the worst times for the family, who were just lost. 

Ronald McDonald House was able to provide comfort for the family when it was most needed.  It soon became the Southwell families second home.  And they have stayed in every single room in the house on their various visits for Alex to receive ongoing treatments and check ups.

"We drive over the hill, down to the house and Alex goes "We're Home". Ronald McDonald House
is just like family, we know all the people and all of the volunteers."