Meet Kingsley, Erin-Louise & Tim


Erin-Louise and Tim were grateful for a welcoming space to stay in Ronald McDonald House in Newcastle, when their baby son Kingsley was born at 23 weeks’ gestation. It saved them having to traipse everyday from their home on the Central Coast.

It was like a home away from home for them while Kingsley received the vital treatment he needed at John Hunter Children's Hospital.

Erin and Tim used the Ronald McDonald House laundry to wash his clothes and bring them up and have them ready to change him into. They could walk back to the house to have breakfast or lunch and dinner, to have a hot shower and to just rest.

The family met up with others who were going through the same experiences with their own children. This support network would become priceless to them, when Kingsley unexpectedly took a turn for the worse with a ruptured bowel and eyesight problems related to his premature birth.

Kingsley overcame these hurdles and the family also had a much needed holiday at the Ronald McDonald Family Retreat in Forster where they could relax and connect together.

Kingsley has just celebrated his first birthday. His parents were able to stay close and support him in the early days, thanks to help from Ronald McDonald House.

"Being so close changed everything" says Erin-Louise