Meet Cynthia & Enzo

Only a couple of weeks after they had landed in Australia to start a new life, four year old Enzo and his mother Cynthia were told that he had a brain tumour.

“It was only a couple of weeks after we landed in Australia to start a new life that we noticed Enzo’s left eye had turned in slightly. So slightly in fact that at first we couldn’t pick up exactly what the problem was, only that there was something wrong with his eyes. Our GP referred us to Westmead Children’s Hospital Eye Clinic and we were told that Enzo would need an MRI.”

Enzo and his mum set off early to the hospital for the MRI, hoping they would be back home in time for lunch. Instead they received the diagnosis that would change their lives.

“After Enzo had been admitted to the Gosford Hospital …we heard about the Ronald McDonald Family Room: a comfortable, charming, peaceful place for parents and relatives where they can relax and be away from the hospital environment. The Volunteers are always there to listen to our fears and comfort us in any way they can.”

Enzo was diagnosed with low grade Glioma –Pilomyxoid Astrocytoma (WHO grade 2), a treatable but uncommon tumour. Enzo started chemotherapy on a treatment plan that would last 12 months.

Cynthia and Enzo were regular visitors to the Gosford Family Room and found the support of volunteers and staff to be a great comfort throughout their traumatizing experience.

“The words “thank you” in our opinion are not enough, but we really would like to thank The Ronald McDonald House Charities Family who helped make us happy and forget for while all the trips to the Hospitals.”

"A comfortable, charming, peaceful place for parents and relatives."