Meet Abby

Abby and her family in the Gosford Family Room

Abby and her family in the Gosford Family Room


Abby is no stranger to the Family Room recently having had multiple visits to Gosford Hospital to undergo treatment. 

Whenever Abby is in hospital she is sure to stop by the Family Room. Abby is an absolute delight to have around, and she and her family really did make the Family Room their special place during their stay. With such a wonderful and supportive family and so many friends coming to spend time with her each and every day, the ward and her room just wasn’t big enough. The Family Room became their second home. It was a place for the family not only to take a break from their room and ward, but a meeting spot for the family. A place to share meals, to relax, to catch up, to refresh and refuel.

Abby knew each and every one of the Volunteers names and loved eating her chips in the Family Room while enjoying all the special visitors that came to say hi while she was in hospital.

Mum Jodie, and sister Emma, have also been so touched by the work the Family Room does, that they are also Volunteering in the Family Room and help make other families time in the Family Room, just as special and comfortable as the Volunteer made them feel. 

‘I volunteer in the room on a monthly basis. It was so nice for our family to be on the receiving end of this wonderful place during a difficult and complex time. It was wonderful to experience how much of a difference this place makes to both the sick children as well as their siblings and carers.' mum Jodie said.