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RONALD Mcdonald house

Ronald McDonald House provides essential care and accommodation for families with a seriously ill child.

Families who stayed at a House reported more positive overall hospital experiences and helped them be more involved in their child’s care. 1

Ronald McDonald House reduces the stress and financial burden for families. 2

At Ronald McDonald House parents have a better quality of sleep compared to sleeping at the hospital bedside. 3


Ronald McDonald Learning Program

The Learning Program is the leading program in Australia helping children recovering from serious illness catch up with missed education.

62% of Australian child cancer survivors developed special education needs following treatment, yet less than 10% received school support. 40% of Australian students diagnosed with cancer miss more than 6 months of school. 4

Students with chronic illness are at rick of failing to reach their potential at school and into adulthood. 5

EDMed accredited professional development has been delivered to over 24,000 teachers.


Ronald mcdonald family room

Ronald McDonald Family Rooms provide a home like atmosphere near paediatric wards for families to relax and refresh.

Ronald McDonald Family Rooms improve the physical , psychological and social wellbeing of family members. 6

Family members feel better when they take a break from the hospital ward. 6

Using the facilities at the Family Room reduced financial burden during hospital visits. On average participants reported saving about $37.6

RHMC_icon_FamRt_blue (1).png

Ronald McDonald Family Retreat

Family Retreats provide a much needed holiday to families with a sick or recently bereaved child.

Family holidays are important experienced that build family relationships.7

Family holidays are associated with improvements in family relationships allowing for increased time for meaningful conversations, emotional bonding through shared activities.7



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