Meet Georgia & the Smith Family

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Helena and Wayne's life was turned upside down when their 3 year old daughter, Georgia, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.

The specialist care Georgia desperately needed at the John Hunter Children's Hospital was over 270km's from their family home in Tamworth.  And they wanted to stay close, together as a family as they fought the biggest battle of their lives for Georgia's recovery. 

Ronald McDonald House gave them a place to call home for 251 days while she received life saving treatment. Thankfully Georgia's treatment was successful.

9 years on Georgia is thriving and holds fond memories of her stay at Ronald McDonald House. Georgia recently wrote a letter to CEO Ross Bingham recalling her time at Ronald McDonald House. 

"If it wasn't for RMH it would have been a lot harder on my family and we wouldn't of been able to stay together and I would have part of my family in Tamworth and the other part in Newcastle."