Meet the Fragan Family

Life’s too short and valuable to take things for granted.  This became all to clear when, in 2014, Bridgette and Mark’s then 5 year old daughter, Neisha was rushed to hospital. Neisha had suffered an actue brain injury which meant she had to start all over again.  Learning to eat, walk and all of the everyday skills.  At the same time, Bridgette was diagnosed with Leukaemia.  With four children having family time together became increasingly difficult.

That’s where the Ronald McDonald Family Retreat has helped.  “The most important part about staying at the Family Retreat is we have been able to stop from our busy lives.  As a family we can enjoy family time together, which is very important to us.”

“The Family Retreat has given our family something to look forward to.  A time to relax and reconnect as a family. Taking a break from our packed schedule of rehab, doctors and everyday stress. It really is a gift to families.”

The Family Retreat provides eligible families with a weeks accommodation at no cost, to give them a chance to relax, reconnect and spend previous time together, just like Bridgette and Mark’s family.